Lasting Change Package


Perfect for those looking to take back control of their body and health.

2 x lifestyle assessments – 3-6 months apart.

3 x feedback sessions – 1 after each assessmnet and a further call to discuss progress and sticking points.


Our lasting change package is designed for those looking to take back control of their health, fitness and body for good. The Lifestyle Assessment uses unique heart rate variability analysis to provide you with an in-depth report on your stress, recovery and fitness levels. Providing you with invaluable insight about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of your health and performance. 

  • After the initial assessment you’ll be given action points to work on during your feedback session to work on.
  • You’ll have a call with your coach to discuss your progress and any obstacles you’ve encoutnered.
  • A second lifestyle assessmnet and feedback to see the results of the changes you’ve made on your wellbeing.

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