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Peak Week Magic?

By 13th July 2016March 24th, 2017No Comments

There are many myths that flood the physique world with the voodoo of peak week being right up there. Here’s what we did for my client, Shelley, during her peak week at SNBF (in 2015). You decide if it’s magic.


We got into the condition we wanted 2 weeks before the show. This meant all we had to do was to maintain conditioning to through to the show, which is easy as the body gets used to being there.


We only trained once that week, due to a cold. It was a blood flow restriction, full body session (aka. a ‘pump’ session). Had Shelley not had a cold then we would have done a pretty much identical second session.


Lowered carbs to 135g for 2 days (this was the lowest that CHO intake went throughout the entire prep. The highest being over 400g). We then increased CHO the day before and limited water intake slightly. We had done 3-4 trial run-throughs, during which Shelley tried out different carb sources to see if they made a difference and decided that basmati rice was the one.

Remember, you can’t get shredded in a week BUT you can mess up 6 months of prep by thinking that there’s some voodoo to be had in the final week.


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