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I started training with Dan in early 2016. The stressful reality of working in London meant that training and nutrition had become just another thing I constantly pushed towards the bottom of my to do list. I got in touch with Dan, hoping he could help make training a fun and positive thing again, as my physical and mental wellbeing depended on it.

Dan has provided me with challenging and fun workouts throughout. He has been there to hold me to account and push me, but has also been understanding and supportive when I've needed someone to tell me that I'm overanalysing or being too much of an perfectionist. It's been a year of ups and downs, but Dan has helped me achieve a year of training consistently, in the midst of other pressures.

I've lifted heavier than ever before, including for the first time in my life benching more than my own body weight. In the process my waist has become the narrowest it's been in years.

Most importantly, Dan has developed a plan that works for me, my body, my mind and my lifestyle, and I'm incredibly grateful for all he's taught me.