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“I started working with Dan 8 years ago and he has made such a difference to my fitness and overall health. The first thing that strikes you about Dan is his passion for what he does. He is such a positive and energetic person that you he gives you huge encouragement to achieve your own personal fitness goals.  

In addition to this I have never met an individual so knowledgeable about all aspects of training, recovery and nutrition. He is always introducing new elements into my training programme to keep it fresh and interesting. Like many other people who have trained with Dan, my body shape has changed positively and sustainably. I love the fact that Dan will even tailor individual sessions to the way I feel that day. I remember once turning up and him telling me to go for a nice walk in the park. He was right and it was absolutely the best thing I could have done that day! I have done all sorts of training with Dan and importantly I have never once picked up an injury doing an exercise recommended by him. Something that can’t be said for other things I do. 

Dan also introduced me to the lifestyle assessment and that was a revelation. It allowed me to see how small choices I made on a daily basis were impacting on my wellbeing.

I was able to make some minor changes that have had a huge positive impact on my energy levels, productivity and my ability to switch off after a hard day at work. Even some of my colleagues have commenced on the difference. Finally and most importantly training with Dan is such good fun. He is a great guy and a top coach."