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the Cornerstones of a healthy life and well-being are lifestyle related choices and behaviors

The Lifestyle Assessment uses data about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of your health and performance

  • Identify the stressors in your personal life and work
  • Recognise the signs of burnout and avoid exhaustion
  • Perform better
  • See the health effects and fitness level of your current daily physical activities
  • Find the optimal level and type of training for you.
  • Understand the moments and activities that regenerate you
  • Improve the quality of your sleep
  • Increase energy levels and focus

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4 steps to wellness

Data Collection

Your Personal Bodyguard

Over 72 hours, the discreet and non-invasive bodyguard 2 device tracks your physiology without you ever knowing it’s there.

Understand Stress In 60 Seconds

Unique Insight

See The Whole Picture

The Lifestyle Assessment uses unique heart rate variability analysis to provide you with an in-depth report on your stress, recovery and fitness levels. Providing you with invaluable insight about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of your health and performance. 

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Personal Feedback

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Once the report is complete, your coach will set up a feedback session. Providing you with personal advice on how to make changes for the better.

Unique Insight

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82% of users have been able to improve stress management, exercise and quality of sleep allowing them to take back control of their body and wellbeing.

I was very impressed with not only the data in the report but also the feedback

Dr. Alison BurtonG.P.

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