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Recruitment is expensive and time-consuming, so once you’ve hired the right people, taking care of them should be your top priority.

By helping employees understand the impact of their daily decisions on their well-being, they’ll be able to make better choices leading to higher energy levels, increased productivity and improved focus.

At Forbes Performance, we use the Lifestyle Assessment from Firstbeat to help your staff manage stress, sleep better and exercise right.

Personal Insights

Deliver Results


of employees coached, feel more effective


Reduction in sick leave


of employees felt the were able to better their manage stress, improve sleep and exercise habits

Manage Stress

Stressed employees are less effective and make more mistakes. We help identify consuming factors in personal life and work that cause stress and burnout.

Enhance Recovery

We help employees understand how to recover better. As a result, employees arrive to work energised and focused.

Exercise Right

Find the optimal level of exercise for each employee. As a result, they will be more stress resilient and productive. Proven to motivate employees to start and keep exercising.

Learn More About The Lifestyle Assessment

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For Target Groups

For Everyone

The lifestyle assessments are an excellent choice for:

  • Executive teams and key decision makers
  • High-risk groups such as those who travel a lot or shift workers.
  • Wellness programmes or annual health checks for your workforce

Corporate Packages Typically Include

  • Introductory info meeting for the entire staff
  • Measurement of daily activity with Firstbeat Bodyguard heart rate variability device and a personal mobile diary for seeing the impact of daily choices.
  • Personal report and feedback from wellness professional motivates and engages each employee.
  • Anonymous group report for an employer. See the results and changes in stress levels, recovery and physical activity. Obtain feedback and recommendations for getting the most out of your employee investments.